Monday, September 27, 2010

Unknown Instruments: The Omnichord

Very few people know about this interesting analog synth. It was produced by Suzuki in the 1980s, with a modern digital version that was released today.

The instrument, which can frequently be found on eBay, is basically an electronic autoharp. It plays the chords that one pushes, as well as having a strum pad. The sound is very cheesy, but it is valued for its timbre and kitch persona.

I owned one for a while, but had to sell it because of underuse. It is still a pretty fantastic instrument, and should never be overlooked when considering strange musical synths. Many bands have used it for their recordings including The Arcade Fire, David Bowie, and Half Handed Cloud.

Interesting, eh?


  1. Oh my god, I want this so badly! Makes my piano seem so boring in comparison!

  2. it looks weird for a music instrument.

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